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    Stan and Mable try to give Ford some pointers on how to win her over but Ford, who doesn't know much about socialization, doesn't really understand. They manage to give him a bit of an idea of how to attract a girl and everyone, soon, heads off to bed. Ford struggles to sleep for a bit, having Linnette on the brain, his work no longer mattering in his opinion.
    For the next three days, its the same thing. Ford works up the courage to speak to her, he talks to her for a bit, then, walks her home after Stan lets her stay for awhile after-hours. Ford's nervousness around her doesn't go away, still unable to admit his love openly to her. Soon, the fourth day comes around and he is walking her home, once again.
    They are talking to each other when, Ford suddenly interrupts their conversation, putting himself in front of her protectively and becoming instantly alert. “What was that?” He stares into the woods intensely when, what looks like a giant Sabre tooth tiger launches itself out of the woods and at Linnette. Ford instantly tackles it down and joins in in its ferocious roars.
    Linnette just stares, backing away a bit from the battle, hearing two sets of roars, but only one monster. She quickly makes the realization that his wings are actually real and that the second roar, is from him. Suddenly, he gets pinned to the ground and he grows another arm, throwing the monster off. He then, gets scratched across the face and he transforms the rest of the way, giving a warped, inhuman, growl.
    He gives a loud roar, sounding more demon than human and he launches himself into another attack. The battle rages on for a good twenty minutes when, he finally pins the beast on its back and bites into its neck, pulling out its windpipe. He is injured badly and he shakily walks towards her, panting heavily and blood dripping from his mouth, along with black fog slowly drifting from his mouth, nose, and eyes. He speaks through breaths. “I... [pant] I'm sorry I... [pant] should have... Should have told... [pant] told you...”
    Ford's limbs shake violently and he goes down, to get his head caught and cradled in Linnette's arms and then, gently lain in her lap. She speaks, concerned for him. “There is no need to apologize! You just saved me!” “But... A-arent you... a-afraid...?” “Absolutely not.” She then, pets Ford's head gently, carefully running her slender hands over his catlike ears.
    He grins softly and purrs quietly at this, allowing his eyes to slowly close. She looks at Ford, then at his beat and battered body and speaks. “We need to get you patched up. Don't worry, I have medical training. You think you can sustain human form until we get to my house?” Ford nods and struggles a bit, but turns human, his head still in her lap.
    She grins and then, manages to help him up and walk him to her home. As they were walking, she had kept urging Ford to stay conscious and he did. For her. She quickly gets him doctored up after he had turned back to demon form and lays him down in a queen size bed. “I hope you don't mind but, we're going to have to share a bed.” All Ford can do, is nod, telling her that its alright.
    Ford then, quickly relaxes, allowing his consciousness to slip from his grasp, but just holding on by a sliver. Linnette grins and cant help but blush a little, seeing how quickly he had went to ease. She then, cant help but gently reach out and pet Ford's head again, finding his body soothingly warm. Her grin softens and she curls up into bed covers comfortably and whispers. “I love you too...” Ford grins softly in his dreary haze then, lets go completely.
NWHS Story (Part 85)
Goal acheived, Sixer! Great job, buddy!   Thumbs up okay 
Hello! My cousin has a cannel and its amazing! What would also be amazing would be if you checked it out for me and him! Thanks! :D…
    “Why... Why can't I control myself...? My heart... It wont stop... I cant make it stop... Why... Cant I make it stop...?” Ford thinks silently to himself, unable to stop starring. Suddenly, she walks nearby to check out some shirts nearby. Ford blushes more and his heart pounds harder and harder in his chest. He then, starts running scenarios in his head about what he can do to to get her to stay or at this point, manage to even talk to her.
    Before he can even think of how to introduce himself, his legs seem to shakily start moving on their own towards her. Ford's behavior had caught Stan's attention and he watches, silently rooting for his bro. Ford continues to approach, his heart pounding harder and faster with every step. Soon, he is standing right behind her, frozen in his tracks, unable to do anything. He takes a deep breath, after what  had seemed like an eternity and speaks.
    “U-Uhh... G-g-greetings...?” He blushes a little more, mentally kicking himself for the lack of social skills and the dorky stutter. He tucks his hands behind his back, feeling self-conscious and as if she'd think of his six fingers strange and weird. She turns around and gives a little giggle, looking at him. “Hello!” “I-I'm Stanford... S-Stanford F-Filbric Pines...” He examines her face for a second, then, recognizes it. “Have... Have we met before...?” The woman smiles. “Linnette.” Ford's eyes widen, remembering her now, as the girl he had liked during school.
    He had always seen her as the girl out of his league and he, was the weird nerd drooling over her 24/7. He had actually been obsessed with her for forever, ever sense he had lain eyes on her. When they met was the one time Stan wasn't around to protect him as a kid. Ford had gotten beaten badly by some bullies and Ford, of course, was helpless until, a girl, of all people, ran over and socked the leader square in the face, sending him to the ground.
    On top of that, she helped Ford up and got him to his brother, safe and sound and lets just say, his nose wasn't bleeding just because he was kicked in the face multiple times. Ford, from that day on, loved everything about her. He loved her personality, her eyes, her hair, the way she looked, and her smile. Of course, it was more her kind heart that got him, but on top of that, she was beautiful. If only, he had the guts to tell her.
    She then, grins and speaks. “Long time no see!” Ford stares, blushing more but looking down towards his feet a bit and rubbing the back of his neck nervously. “S-so... Uh... How... How have y-you been all th-these years...?” She gives a smile, causing Ford's heart to leap. “Oh I've been good! How about you?” “U-Uh... Well... G-good...?” Ford finds himself unable to lie, regardless if he doesn't want to worry her. “Ford. How have you REALLY been?”
    He starts thinking to himself. “Oh no! She's going to think I'm weird! B-But why cant I lie? I'm trained to lie! I'm trained to control my body functions! B-But I cant do either! …... I have to.... Here it goes.” He then, speaks aloud. “W-Well... F-for the first ten years, I've been making deals and working with a demon wh-who soon, o-of course... b-betrayed me... And then that led up to thirty years, t-trapped in o-other dimensions... And then I started an apocalypse as the exact same demon wanted...”
    Ford then, just waits for her to walk away or make fun of him for messing up so badly in his past. But, instead, she just smiles and giggles in a friendly way. Not teasing. Not making fun. Ford's eyes widen as he continues to stare at his feet, glancing up occasionally. She then, speaks. “I see you've been busy!” He nods a bit too quickly. “Y-yeah!”
    Suddenly, the gift shop hours end and people start leaving, causing Linnette to look towards the door. “Oh. Looks like its time to leave.” She looks at Ford. “Do you have to leave?” “A-Actually, I-I live here. S-Stanley just runs th-the place.” Stan walks over and Linnette looks at him. “Oh, don't worry, Stan. I'm going.” Stan speaks up before she can start leaving. “Actually, I was gonna say that you can stay for a bit if ya like.” Linnette smiles and nods. “Alright! Thanks!” “No problem.” Stan starts walking off and Ford catches a wink from Stan towards him, indicating that he knows whats up and is trying to help him out. Ford smiles thankfully and continues to nervously talk with Linnette.
    Soon, she yawns, it starting to get late, and she speaks, looking out the window as the town is filled with the soft colors of a sunset. “Well. Its going to be dark soon. I'm going to start home.” Ford nods and gets an idea and speaks. “W-would you like me to walk you home...? A-after all... It is dangerous to go out wh-when its this late... e-especially alone...” She smiles and nods. “Thanks!” “Y-You're welcome..!”
    Ford then, lets Linnette out the door first and he looks back at Stan, who gives him a thumbs up, as if to say, “You're doing great, bro!” Ford grins and continues out the door, watching for any danger, making sure nothing bad happens. He cant help but stare and just daydream as they walk, thinking Linnette is the most beautiful thing the world has to offer at this point.
    Soon, they get to her house without a problem and Linnette grins at Ford. “Thanks for keeping me safe!” For smiles nervously and speaks. “Y-you're welcome!” “Goodnight!” “G-goodnight!” She then, leaves and Ford just stares at the now closed door for a second. He then, flies home, making it safely to the mystery shack where Stan and Mable are waiting with huge smiles.
NWHS Story (Part 84)
Ford is trying, guys! He's trying! XD
    Stan slowly lifts his head and looks at him curiously. He speaks quietly, shakily, and weakly. “N-no... Wh... Why...?” He turns his head, looking over his own shoulder. What he sees is a set of large, gargoyle like wings on his back. Suddenly, one of his wings twitch ever so slightly. And then, the other twitches a bit. Then, both wings tense up a bit, lifting off his back just a little before falling again limply. Ford grins and speaks quietly. “Come on, Stanley... You can do it...”
    Stan then, tries to lift his wings again, them coming off his back a bit, falling, and then, lifting again. He nearly drops his wings again, but manages to keep them up, carefully spreading them to their massive length. Stan's wings are absolutely massive and look rather graceful, yet, menacing. Suddenly, his wings tremble a bit and he slowly folds them up against his back again.
    Stan then, lays his head back down against Ford's chest with a sigh, feeling exhausted after the long hour of pain. Ford grins down at Stan and takes his arm, wrapping it around his shoulder. He then, help Stan up and speaks. “Alright. Lets get you somewhere proper to rest. You need it.” Stan nods and allows his legs to subconsciously move with Ford's movements.
    Ford gets Stan to his room and gets him tucked in and Stan seems to have a bit of troubles getting used to the wings. Ford grins a bit and speaks, placing a hand on his shoulder. “You'll get used to the eventually, Stanley. Don't worry.” Stan nods and manages to get comfortable, quickly falling asleep. Ford chuckles softly and ruffles Stan's hair gently and leaves. He goes back into the basement and continues working on the experiment, quickly getting it finished, now holding a chemical vile.
    He then, takes a deep breath and drinks it. He stands for a second, waiting for his body to respond. Suddenly, a twisting pain in his gut causes him to wince and clutch his stomach. He starts fumbling upstairs just to collapse in the stairwell, and allow himself to slide down to the bottom again. The pain spreads across his entire body, increasing until, it starts going down again.
    Once it stops, he lets out his breath, able to hear his heart pounding in his ears as they ring their defining ring. He starts panting heavily and he looks down at his hands. He sees them, normal and human. Ford concentrates and makes himself turn back into a monster. Ford grins and turns human again, the only thing not turning is his wings.
    The next day rolls around and Stan gets breakfast out of the way. It starts up pretty normally, Stan going to the gift shop and Ford to the basement. Its all normal until, Ford finds a note on one of his books. He picks it up and curiously examines it and it reads, “Hey! Are you luminol and hydrogen peroxide? Because you really glow!”
    Ford blushes and assumes that its just Stan messing with him but quickly realizes that its not his handwriting. It is also signed off with a familiar bird, which he cant quite recognize where it was from. He goes back to work just to find two more notes with pickup-lines, signed with the same bird. The kids stick around the gift shop with Stan when a familiar looking lady comes in, but Stan just cant place where he's seen her before. He shrugs it off and he walks over with his exaggerated arm motions and friendly smile.
    “Hey there! Welcome to the Mystery Shack! Is there anything I can help you with today?” She just gives a smile, seeing Stan as familiar as well, but not saying anything. “No thank you! Just taking a look around!” Stan nods. “Alright, well if you need anything, you can ask me or one of the employees!” She nods. “Alright! Thank you!” “No problem!”
    Ford then, walks upstairs and spots the woman right off, her being the first thing he sees, the only thing that catches his attention. His pupils dilate massively and his entire world seems to freeze as his heart begins to pound from his chest, so much to where its literally viable as his sweater thumps from his chest. A massive blush comes across his face, unable to control his own body functions.
NWHS Story (Part 83)
Got another one in!

(pliz no hate Fordsie the nerd needed a grilfriend)
Before: I always thought, 'No way! That's just going to be one of those shows that start fine but gets messed up! Besides! I don't watch that type of stuff!' Well, I was unfortunately making assumptions. Anyway! One day, I was at my mammaw's and papaw's house and was watching TV. Gravity Falls came on and when I looked for the remote to change it, I COULDN'T FIND IT. I looked and looked and then, I was basically sucked into the screen and I sat and watched three episodes straight!
After: Its a great show, (not exactly the best for kids at times) and its full of mystery and humor that keeps me interested for over 3 seconds! (unlike pretty much everything else) I can now randomly say quotes from it word for word like, "I am Gravity Falls, when earth becomes the sky, fear the beast with just one eye!" "The game is over, and I won, now the fun has just begun, I really love corrupting lives, now lets see which Pines survives!" "HA! I did that with my mouth!" "No. Its not too late! I'LL SHUT IT DOWN!!" "HAHAHAHAHAHAA!! Its funny how dumb you are!" "Hey! I'm pushing 70 and I still eat ice cream or dinner!" And so on! I can also ramble on and on and on about it which... is what I'm doing right now, isn't it? I'll just... Stop stealing your time...
DERP by Taylor1320


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