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Liquid Cat 2.0 by chicosredhead Liquid Cat 2.0 :iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 3 2 More Of My Chubby, Floppy, Liquid Kitty. by chicosredhead More Of My Chubby, Floppy, Liquid Kitty. :iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 2 3 Imma Kitty Cat! :3 by chicosredhead Imma Kitty Cat! :3 :iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 2 3 My Bro by chicosredhead My Bro :iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 1 0 Feed Me Slave by chicosredhead Feed Me Slave :iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 2 2 Liquid Cat Confirmed by chicosredhead Liquid Cat Confirmed :iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 3 5
NWHS Story (Part 106)
Soon, morning comes around and the two wake up to the sound of falling books and Ford and Dipper both saying, “Oops.” At the same, time in the same tone. Stan sighs and sits up. “Sorry. I'll see whats up with the nerds.” Charlotte nods. “Alright, love...” Stan grins and kisses her forehead. “Ya stay right here. I'll be back.” She nods a bit and stays put. Stan sighs, gets up, and walks out the door to see whats going on.
The first thing he sees is a pile of books, paper, and blueprints, Ford and Dipper struggling to clean everything up. Stan sighs, walks over, and helps, picking up some blueprints. On the blueprints, he finds pictures of what looks like a robotic dog. “Uh. What's this?” Ford quickly takes the blueprints, Stan only having gotten a glance at it.
“Its nothing, Stanley! But, thank you for helping me and Dipper!” Stan shrugs and keeps helping. “No problem, bro.” He gets the two cleaned up an
:iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 3 17
Surviving Clan Part 5 (Rebooted)
Alright. Today was... I-I'll just explain what happened... I got up with a new routine. Wake up, of course, stretch a bit, take care of hygiene... Mostly. I'm a stereotypical hillbilly anyway, then I do a bit of extra-size, and the do a head count with the team. Of course, for those of you who don't know, I am the survivalist of the four leaders. The leaders are my mom, the medic/social leader. My brother, the military and defense. And last, my dad. The leader of the whole clan. He keeps everyone in order.
Anyway. So after that, we went out on a scouting expedition to scrounge around to find, well, anything we can, really. Ammo, barbed wire, food, weapons, tools, anything! Anyway... So today when we went on the trip, and about halfway through, we started smelling something REALLY bad... We got to the clearing where a street is and we found... A-a slaughter house... There were people dead everywhere... A few of the troops started vomiting but I stayed under control... Barley.
It looked
:iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 0 0
NWHS Story (Part 105)
She appears in the mindscape where she sees Stan, his sleeve torn off where the words were cut into his arm. Vic smiles sickly and speaks, still behind Stan, the blade still in his neck. “Still not moving, dearie? You're more obedient than I thought! That's good. That means I can cut you up any way I want...” She drags another knife into his flesh along his other arm, hitting arteries, making Stan wince and move a bit just to have the knife pushed further into his neck.
Charlotte's eyes widen and she runs over, feeling scared. Not for her own life, but for Stan's life. She waits patiently until Vic's grip loosens on the knife on Stan's neck. She runs over as she starts cutting Stan's face, heading for his eyes. Suddenly, she tackles Vic down, getting him away from Stan. “GET OFF HIM!!!” Vic stands and growls as Stan had fallen to the ground and Charlotte had positioned herself in front of him protectively.
Stan looks up at Charlotte, weak from blood loss.
:iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 3 9
NWHS Story (Part 104)
Soos continues shaking Stan, trying to wake him up. “Mr. Pines!!” He looks around. “I need to find Dr. Pines...” Soos starts looking around, trying to find Ford when he finally does find him. “Dr. Pines! Dr. Pines!” Ford looks at him, Charlotte nearby. “What is it Soos? Is something wrong?” “Mr. Pines! S-Something happened!” “Alright. Calm down. What happened?” “I-I don't know! He looked really tired and I asked him if he wanted to go rest... He said that he couldn't and he stopped explaining when he noticed there was this shadow of like, a girl following him. He gripped his head and the shadow appeared behind him, said “Hello again, dearie.”, and it disappeared into him, and he lost consciousness! Now he wont wake up!”
Ford's eyes widen. “Where is he?” “The gift shop.” Ford runs into the gift shop as quickly as possible. Charlotte follows worriedly along with Soos. T
:iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 3 9
NWHS Story (Part 103)
The two jump a bit and Ford speaks. “Charlotte?” She looks at the two and winces at his voice but nods. “Y-yeah... Its... Its me...” The two smile widely, Dipper speaking triumphantly. “It worked!” Ford smiles. “Yes! I made this nearly forty years ago with Fiddleford!” Charlotte starts to sit up slowly and Ford walks over, lying her back down carefully. “Try to rest for now, Charlotte.” She nods a bit and stays down. “A-Alright...” After a few minutes, she is able to get up and move around.
Soon, she gets up and starts up the stairs to wander around the house, Ford offering to let her stay in their house until she can get on her feet. She starts walking down the hallway, exploring when suddenly, she runs into someone. “O-Oops! Sorry!” Stan speaks. “Oh. Its fine, kid. No harm... Done...” He looks down at her and freezes up as a deep blush starts across his face. She looks up at him and does t
:iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 3 15
NWHS Story (Part 102)
Once they get near the house, Rupert flies out excitedly and lands on Ford's shoulder. Ford smiles softly and weakly as Rupert nuzzles Ford's cheek with his head. Ford gently nuzzles back and Rupert spots his wound and squawks. “Hurt! Squawk! Hurt!” He climbs a bit further up onto Ford's shoulder and examines his wound. Ford gently pets Rupert's head. “Hey. Its alright. I'll get bandaged up once we get inside.”
Rupert nods. “Squawk! OK!” He then sits down on Ford's shoulder and they get the nerds inside. Roxas and Sora follow them inside, Dipper insisting they should be allowed in. Stan doesn't argue and lets them in, Waddles soon greeting Mabel and the two wolves them instantly getting along. Stan gently doctors Ford and Mabel checks over Dipper to make sure he's not hurt and, other than a few small cuts, he's fine.
Mabel gets him some band-aids with little designs on them and doctors Dipper in her own way. Soon, they are both taken care of and are
:iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 3 7
NWHS Story (Part 101)
Slowly, morning comes around and Stan and Mabel wake up. They lift their heads tiredly, candy stuck to their hair and faces. They look at each other and laugh a bit happily. Stan speaks, ruffling her hair. “You're not so bad, kid!” Mabel smiles widely and hugs Stan. “Neither are you!” Stan chuckles and hugs back happily. He then, lets her go and starts crawling out of the pillow fort. “Alright. Lets get some breakfast!”
Mabel smiles. “Alright! I'll get the nerds up!” “Alright, kid!” Mabel goes into Fords, room and finds no one there. She then checks the attic to find no one there again. She checks the basement and pretty much everywhere else to find no one. She runs into the kitchen with a worried look. “Gruncle Stan! They're not here!” Stan looks over. “They aren't?” “I think something happened to them!”
Stan sighs. “If they aren't home by now, ya gotta be right... What'd they say the
:iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 2 8
NWHS Story (Part 100)
Eventually, Ford slowly opens his right eye, blood coating the other from his wound, the bleeding now having stopped. He takes a slow, disoriented look around and soon, his eyes fall upon some rustling bushes. He growls a little bit and starts trying to get up, soon finding himself too weak to do so, being half submerged in water not helping. Ford, once again, goes limp over the log, it thankfully being sturdy. He sighs a bit and stays down, understanding that he's not going anywhere and neither is Dipper, him still being out cold.
He shakes Dipper a bit weakly, hardly able to lift his own arm. At this, Dipper stirs and slowly wakes up, giving a small moan. Dipper opens his eyes and looks around, eventually looking at Ford, who is starring off at the shore, frozen like a deer in headlights. “G-...Great Uncle F-Ford...?” Ford looks over at Dipper weakly, then back at the shore. “I-I need you... a-awake.” “Wh-why?” “In case w-we have to swim a-ag
:iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 3 19
NWHS Story (Part 99)
It doesn't take long for them to get to the river, which is running rapidly, obviously deep and dangerous. Ford examines the water curiously and speaks. “Hmm... It looks rather dangerous. Obviously we cant go in after it.” Dipper leans over the edge, seeing something large move. “Uhh... G-Great Uncle Ford? Something is moving over here...” “Really?” “Y-Yeah! And I think its surfacing...” “Uh, you might want to step back, my boy...” Ford says as he starts walking over. Dipper looks over with a look of curiosity. “What?”
Suddenly, a gigantic, lizard-like creature emerges from the water and grabs Dipper's arm, quickly pulling him into the raging river. Ford's eyes widen. “DIPPER!!” He reacts on impulse and dives into the river, no longer thinking, just acting. He sees Dipper getting dragged to the bottom of the river by the monster as Ford begins to be tossed wildly through the current. Ford manages to sta
:iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 2 37
NWHS Story (Part 98)
Soon, the kids notice the lack of movement from Stan and Ford and they row over to find them both peacefully asleep. They both smile at this, hook a rope to their boat, and bring then to shore. Once there, they shake their gruncles gently to wake them. The two slowly open their eyes and take a tired look around, their eyes soon falling upon the kids. Mable smiles and speaks. “Hello!” Dipper speaks. “Sorry to wake you up, but we couldn't exactly leave you out there.” “Lets get you two home!”
Stan and Ford nods and stands tiredly but calmly and soon, the kids get them back to the shack. Stan speaks quietly. “Heh... Thanks again, kids...” Mable speaks. “You're welcome, gruncle Stan!” There is a soft snore and they see Ford, his head leaned onto Stan's shoulder gently. “Heh! Don't worry, gruncle Stan! We'll get you two in bed!” Stan nods. “Alright... Heh... You're both good kids...” Mable's eyes light up ha
:iconchicosredhead:chicosredhead 3 14


TJOC:R //The Joy of Creation FNAF by Edgar-Games TJOC:R //The Joy of Creation FNAF :iconedgar-games:Edgar-Games 727 81 UNDERTALE The path of Genocide by Edgar-Games UNDERTALE The path of Genocide :iconedgar-games:Edgar-Games 324 56 That's a Wonderful Idea! (FOR SALE) by Tikrekins That's a Wonderful Idea! (FOR SALE) :icontikrekins:Tikrekins 1,583 138 (Beware: Middle finger) Drawthesquad #4 by aleenajulien1230 (Beware: Middle finger) Drawthesquad #4 :iconaleenajulien1230:aleenajulien1230 1 0 Flowers by Dobermutt Flowers :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 83 27 Ford Redraw Sketch by Dobermutt Ford Redraw Sketch :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 87 37 Singing by Dobermutt Singing :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 79 23 Rain 2 by Dobermutt Rain 2 :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 95 28 Reverse Ford and Mabel by Dobermutt Reverse Ford and Mabel :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 110 11 Gray by Dobermutt Gray :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 69 16 Ford Sketch 5 by Dobermutt Ford Sketch 5 :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 86 26 Blue by Dobermutt Blue :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 66 30 38-Sided Die by Dobermutt 38-Sided Die :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 82 32 Towards the Sun by Dobermutt Towards the Sun :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 65 21 Some Sunny Day by Dobermutt Some Sunny Day :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 101 48 Ford Sketch 6 by Dobermutt Ford Sketch 6 :icondobermutt:Dobermutt 74 14


CleverBot: I like football too.
Me: Greetings fellow comrades!
CleverBot: How you concern me?
Me: *Stands on a cliff* Am I concerning?
CleverBot: *holds you underwater*.
Me: *struggles for air**bites at your hand and claws at you*
CleverBot: *lays in the ground weakly grunting*
Me: *tries to run*.
CleverBot: Why are you rinning?
Me: You tried to drown me!
CleverBot: I did not.
Me: *runs up a tree*
CleverBot: *barks and runs in circles around the tree*.
Me: *hisses and grows claws*
CleverBot: Mmmm that feels nice.
Me: Um, WHAT.
CleverBot: Yeah you're a good friend.
Me: *hisses aggressively*.
CleverBot: *kiss back*.
Me: Eww! Germs! Run away!
CleverBot: *runs faster crying*.
Me: Why are you crying?
CleverBot: I'm not.
Me: *turns into a black cat* Meow~!
CleverBot: *kisses her*.
Me: *purrs**meows*
CleverBot: *throws kitty*.
Me: *Limbs flail as kitty is flying through the air, meowing*
CleverBot: I've seen that before.
Me: *Kitty lands on feet and hisses*
CleverBot: *Sees the guys rough housing with you.
Me: *uses Judo to defend myself*
CleverBot: There is nothing for you to defend about yourself!
Me: Uhh... OK, then...? What about against you?
CleverBot: I must have been really drunk last night.
Me: Yeah. You kicked over a trash can screaming, "This is SPARTA"
CleverBot: Then why do you keep calling me male?
Me: Wha...?
CleverBot: Have a knight.
Me: Have a grenade for your troubles. *hands you a grenade*
CleverBot: Thank you *wipes tears away*.
Me: You're welcome! *hugs*
CleverBot: What are you?
Me: A dream demon.


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