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         A few days later, Linnette is giving Ford a check over on his wounds, him in his demon form. She grins and speaks. "You're healing up nicely, honey!" Ford smiles. "That's great! I cant wait to get up and moving again." He says as he looks down at his tummy, which has grown. "Well, how would you like to get up and try moving around now?" Ford grins and nods. "That would be nice, thank you." Linnette smiles and helps Ford to crawl out of the bed.
    She manages to get him to the floor where Ford gets on his feet, a little unsteadily at first, but gets there. She stabilizes him as they start walking around the house, taking it slow. After a little bit, Ford starts walking himself, gaining strength rather quickly. For the next day, Ford is walking around freely and caring for himself more independently, not wanting to be a burden. Soon, Ford is well enough to go home.
    Ford goes into his human form and makes himself presentable. He then, smiles at Linnette and takes her hand as they go to the shack together. They soon arrive and is immediately greeted with Stan and the kids, the kids hugging Ford happily. Ford chuckles, his eyes becoming an exited lime green and hugs back. Dipper begins a happy ramble about new discoveries while Mable starts petting Ford like a cat, causing him to purr.
    Soon, Ford gets situated into the house again, exploring his surroundings once again, re-acquainting himself with the sights and smells of the shack. It doesn't take long to get settled back in and Linnette talks with Stan about some quirks Ford might have after an attack like that, just to learn that this, by far, isn't the first time this has happened.
    It doesn't take long for Mable to notice Ford's weight gain and she hugs him. “Gruncle Ford! You're so huggable!” Ford cant help but smile at this comment and he speaks. “Yes, I guess I am! Haha!” Mable gives a smile and snuggles into his belly some happily, causing Ford to smile. Linnette walks in and gives Ford a grin. “Alright, sweetie. I'm going to head off.” She gives Ford a peck on the cheek. Ford's eyes become and affectionate pink at this and he smiles. “Alright. Be careful, honey.” “I will!” Linnette then, leaves.
    Mable squeals a little at this, finding it absolutely adorable. Ford nuzzles the top of Mable's head gently at this and then, goes to the basement to work. Stan, walks into his room and sits down at the edge of the bed with a sigh. He lifts his shirt a bit to reveal what looks like stone scales forming across his body and he just quietly examines them, rather curiously.
NWHS Story (Part 90)
Here's the next chapter! Some of you may be able to guess what AU I'm gonna pull into this! :D
OK... For all you females out there, who here has suffered a *ahem* female puberty monthly and the light version of the stomach virus at the same time? Because I'm having the worst time of my life. I'm yet to throw up though.
My Trophy Buck
I got myself a trophy bucks this year and it just now occurred to me to upload it.

If you are against hunting, please no criticism! Thanks! :D
Before: I always thought, 'No way! That's just going to be one of those shows that start fine but gets messed up! Besides! I don't watch that type of stuff!' Well, I was unfortunately making assumptions. Anyway! One day, I was at my mammaw's and papaw's house and was watching TV. Gravity Falls came on and when I looked for the remote to change it, I COULDN'T FIND IT. I looked and looked and then, I was basically sucked into the screen and I sat and watched three episodes straight!
After: Its a great show, (not exactly the best for kids at times) and its full of mystery and humor that keeps me interested for over 3 seconds! (unlike pretty much everything else) I can now randomly say quotes from it word for word like, "I am Gravity Falls, when earth becomes the sky, fear the beast with just one eye!" "The game is over, and I won, now the fun has just begun, I really love corrupting lives, now lets see which Pines survives!" "HA! I did that with my mouth!" "No. Its not too late! I'LL SHUT IT DOWN!!" "HAHAHAHAHAHAA!! Its funny how dumb you are!" "Hey! I'm pushing 70 and I still eat ice cream or dinner!" And so on! I can also ramble on and on and on about it which... is what I'm doing right now, isn't it? I'll just... Stop stealing your time...
DERP by Taylor1320


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